Two hands in the colours of the German and French flag shaking hands in front of a world map

ESN France and ESN Germany are buddy countries and cooperate on many levels.
For this reason, the French German Cooperation Committee (FGCoopCom) exists and does a lot in keeping up and improving the French-German friendship.

How do they do this?
Once a year, the French-German Section Meeting (FGSM) takes place, where members of French and German ESN sections take place. There, the volunteers from both countries can get to know each other during social programmes or profit from each others knowledge during workshops.
The FGCoopCom is also active in matching German and French Buddy Sections in order to get deeper cooperations and stronger relationships between those cities. Those Buddy Sections can help each other, create best-practice sharing platforms and organise joint team building or events for Erasmi.

It's a match!
Since the French-German Section Meeting in March 2020, where two of our members took place, we knew about the soon-to-be ESN Reims and were planning in getting a cooperation with them. They seemed like the perfect partner to us.
As us, they are a relatively new member in the big network. As us, they are in a relatively small city surrounded by nature. Also, for planning visits in each others city, they were relatively close to Saarbrücken. For those reasons, they seemed a good match to us and we contacted the FGCoopCom with our wish candidate and as Reims agreed with us, we were waiting for the official match!
In December, it was official and we got the message:
ESN Saarbrücken found their happily ever after partner in the lovely team of ESN Reims (how romantic!).
On the 22nd of January, the Franco-German Day, we made the news official and on Sunday, the 24th of January, we kicked of our cooperation with an Online Speedfriending and Games night!

We present ESN Reims:
- the former Reims Student Network was founded in December 2019 by seven members
- they became part of ESN France in August 2020
- currently 15 volunteers
- Reims is about 130km from Paris
- the city is known for its Champagne production, its cathedral and for crowning French kings

We are looking forward to many more joint online and offline events, cultural exchanges and best-practice sharing to come and for a successful cooperation with lots of lifetime friendships.