Young people celebrating

 The Saarland university honours special social commitment of their students with the Beste Preis, and this semester, ESN Saarbrücken was among the winners for their significant contribution to integration and intercultural exchange in the daily student life.

We got awarded for our work consisting in integrating international students into the daily life at the university as well as introducing them to the German culture. Their offer is not only aimed at international students though, but euqally to non international students with intercultural and international interests or with the thought about going abroad. It is their aim to promote open-mindedness and an international spirit.

Apart from us, Anh Khoa Dennis Huynh got honoured for his contributions improving the medical student life in Homburg, including a working group for internships abroad, a round table with the study responsibles for imrpovements of the studies, the extension of the freshmen orientation to four days instead of one and his commitment in the council of the student department. With all his work he build essential bonds between the institutions, responsible and the concerned people.

In total, the prize consists of 1.000 Euro, which get devided between the winners. With our prize money, we plan to get a registered association to have a legal status and more possibilities for our voluntary work. Apart from that, we will improve our offers for international as well as non-international students.

We are very thankful for this honour and proud of having been selected by the Student Union (AStA) of the University of Saarland!